Have you ever noticed an odd or unpleasant smell in your house or apartment? The unpleasant smell can be caused by mould and mildew or pets.

Most people use air fresheners to solve the problem of the odd and unpleasant smell.

Unfortunately, most air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals and often are expensive.

Luckily, nature offers us various ingredients that can be used in many different ways. Below we are going to present you with a homemade solution that will make your home smell fresh and clean.


¼ cup detergent spheres

2 cups water

4 tablespoons baking soda


In one bucket put the ¼ soap spheres and add the 4 tbsp baking soda. After that, add 2 cups boiling water and mix well. Half an hour later the mixture will be dissolved and then you should get a spray bottle and store the resulted liquid. Utilize this remarkable mixture to spray it on sofas, dressers, fabrics, drains and carpets