This tea is a very simple and very effective home remedy to flat belly inflammation detox. You can make this tea within 10 minutes in a regular manner. You just need some lemon and ginger then turmeric. This is one of the best natural tea and safe toxin-fighting drink.

This tea will clear cold and treat infections and keep your body very cool. This will encourage the immune system and detoxifying.

Another few benefits are tea will improve digestion and helps to reduce excess fat and makes your body perfect.

Benefits of the ingredients :

Ginger :
Ginger is one of the familiar ingredients in cooking and mostly known in India and Asian cuisine

Ginger is used to making tea and used in fat reduce drinks. Ginger also used in many savory dishes.

This not only used in cooking it is also used for medicinal purposes in past years.

Major benefits:
Helps to Relieve from muscle pain
Best ingredients to prevent cancer
Maintain cholesterol levels
Encourage for the immune system
Helps with inflammation
Helps to better digestion

Most of them know the benefits of turmeric it is one of the best effective nutritional supplement. It is already proved by some researches.

Turmeric will Improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety

Reduces oxidative stress
Lowers pain
Improves autoimmune conditions
Used in cancer treatments
Decrease inflammation
Encourage better digestion

Lemon has more health benefits. It contains vitamin C. 187 % RDI of vitamin C in fresh lemon juice.

Lemons benefits:
Increase your immune system through antioxidants
Decrease stress levels
Prevents cancer
Support better digestion
Develops your nervous system

Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric Detox Tea
8 oz water – 8 ovens

Grated turmeric – 1 tbsp

Grated ginger – 1 tbsp

Black pepper – 1 tsp

Juice of the lemon- 2 tbsp

Of honey (if need)- 1 tbsp

Preparation :
Boil the water
Add the turmeric and ginger in a strainer, Take water in the mug.
Alternatively, add the turmeric and ginger to your mug, just rinse, then wait few minutes to remove the spices
Add lemon juice and black pepper, honey, if needed.